The Big Kahuna

2 09 2010

The Big Kahuna is the largest rapid in the 8 mile whitewater stretch of the Snake River canyon if the water levels are low. The Big Kahuna is a level III rapid. As the water level rises, the rapid is washed out. So if you are looking to raft the Snake River and want to go over the Big Kahuna you should plan your Wyoming whitewater trip for the fall. It is located in the Snake River Canyon that the French originally called “The accursed mad river.” This was because trappers had difficulty maneuvering across the Snake River. As time has gone on, the river is now considered to be a recreational paradise. A highlight of the whitewater section of the river is the Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna always surprises visitors. From far away, it looks like just a small rapid but as you approach you can see how the water dips down. The water dips down and then rises again creating a 6 foot wall of water. The Big Kahuna is a highlight of many peoples rafting trip down the river.

Sands boat after Big Kahuna

A group of rafters after going through Big Kahuna.

With the Big Kahuna being at its largest during low water levels, the Snake River Canyon always has great whitewater for rafting. Where you are looking for a spring trip or a fall trip, there is always a rapid to hit.



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